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Racing Track to Open in Kuwait

Kuwait’s first racing track will be opening next Thursday in Shuwaikh next to the Historical Vintage & Classical Cars Museum. For more photos and information, check the following Instagram profile: via 248m and Bananaq8 Advertisements

Facebook Most Visited Website in Kuwait

Website flowing data created a map of most visited sites for each country based on data from For more information, head over to the following link:

100,000 ‘illegal’ in Shuwaikh

“Weak monitoring of lapses in the labor market has resulted in a number of violations of the regulations of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and Kuwait Municipality by about 100,000 workers from almost 10,000 trading and industrial companies in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. According to an informed source, all these workers hold invalid visas because […]

World News: United States Government Shuts Down

“A federal government shutdown officially began Tuesday morning as a deadlocked Congress failed to reach an agreement on a short-term funding measure by a 12:01 a.m. ET deadline.” via NBC Politics. To read more about the story, click the following link:

Kuwait To Build First Solar Power Plant

“Kuwait will soon be home to a rather large, 280MW solar thermal power plant – located in Abdaliya, just southwest of the farming region of Kabad. The solar power plant will be Kuwait’s first. Current projections are that the project will end up costing somewhere around or $3.27billion-therefore representing quite a substantial investment into the […]

Over 30 Kuwaitis said to surrender US Passports

“More than 30 Kuwaitis have surrendered their American passports to the Citizenship and Passports Affairs General Department, reports Alam Al-Yawm daily quoting sources. Sources said the passports will be forwarded to the Foreign Ministry and then to the US Embassy, while the necessary legal action will be taken against the bearers of the passports in […]

Lowest Priced iPhone 5s on MrBabu at 270KD

Local (and international shipping) online retailer MrBabu are selling the iPhone 5s 32gb for 270kd, which is currently the lowest price for the iPhone 5s in Kuwait as of September 29, 2013. Here is the link: