MP Urges Government To Raise Rent Allowance to 250KD

“MP Abdullah Al Adwani urged the government to increase the rent allowance from KD 150 to KD 250 to help the citizens cope with the rising inflation and rental fees. In a recent press statement, Al-Adwani asserted the government should know that the salaries of most youths are not enough to cover their basic needs, not to mention the rental fees which have been increasing in the last five years and some building owners increased the rent by 100 percent.”

“He then stressed importance of increasing the rent allowance to KD 250 or KD 300 because this is the least that a Kuwaiti family, who is still waiting for a private house, can afford. He called on the authorities to protect the Kuwaiti families from the repercussions of the problems related to the provision of housing units to citizens.”

via Arab Times


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