ExtraordiNoory Shares Story Of Violent Attack In Mall Parking Lot

Upon hearing the news of the stabbing that occurred at Marina Mall last night, local blogger ExtraordiNoory decided to share her incredible story of how she herself was attacked in a mall parking lot. Warning, this is graphic and should be read with discretion.

There was an exchange of words and more obscenities yelled from both sides until suddenly, the driver tried to step out of the car in an attempt to attack her after threatening to bust her face. As a quick response, she tried pushing the door back to prevent him from stepping out. The kid slammed the door open hitting her in the thigh. He did that repeatedly as she tried to keep the door shot while shouting for help. None of the bystanders tried to interfere. In a glimpse, 4 other teenagers stepped out of the car and the lady was grabbed by the hair from one side and the punches kept rolling. She was punched repeatedly in the face by 5 kids in the middle of a busy parking lot while everyone just stood there and watched. No one even said a word to discourage the kids other than her poor sister who stood there crying and screaming for help. Suddenly, one of the attackers went after the sister and tried to grab her by the waist in an attempt to sexually harass her. she managed to kick him off and the lady being punched managed to escape the grip and go after that kid who ran off to the other side of the car. In a second, they got in the car and fled the scene.

ExtraordiNoory states that she wanted to share this story now because she is disgusted with how mall security and the police handle situations like these.

In the original post, which can be read by clicking here, she talks about how both mall security and investigator for the police were clueless and didn’t care about her situation. She also states her disgust because even though the parking lot was full, and many people were around her during the incident, no one attempted to help her.

Her full story can be read at this link: http://extraordinoory.wordpress.com/2013/09/27/a-story-of-teenage-violence-in-kuwait-18/



  1. Thanks for sharing my story, Yousef 🙂 I really appreciate it.

    1. No I appreciate you for being so brave. And let me thank you for letting me share your story. Please always be this awesome and strong.

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