Kuwait Currents’s Mission and Goal

Kuwait Currents is a new type of news and information blog dedicated to professional quality journalism, enthusiastic social sharing, and a sugar pinch of love and fun. We are determined to bring a higher quality and set a new standard to our readers and the Kuwait blogs-sphere.

We can promise two things to you. Quality and honesty. We commit every word we type to reach a level of quality that you would expect from a professional news corporation. Honesty is another one of our traits because one of our dedications is retaining the truth in what we write.

This is a new blog and our main objectives will be posting about news, media, photos, and videos, and we want to maintain social aspects with all of these categories. We really want you to take part in the discussion and even be your own producer of content! If you have anything interesting to share with us relating to Kuwait, feel free to send it to our email at kuwaitcurrents@gmail.com and we would love to post it.

Right now we will be focusing on sharing great content and writing about things happening in Kuwait, be it through news or comedy. We also have more plans to expand in another area other than writing if Kuwait Currents grows in popularity.

Thank you and hope you enjoy our content as much as we enjoy producing it.


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