Kuwait’s first racing track will be opening next Thursday in Shuwaikh next to the Historical Vintage & Classical Cars Museum. For more photos and information, check the following Instagram profile: http://instagram.com/kuwaitcarmuseum via 248m and Bananaq8 Advertisements

Website flowing data created a map of most visited sites for each country based on data from Alexa.com. For more information, head over to the following link: http://flowingdata.com/2013/10/03/most-visited-site-by-country/

The Red Bull Car Park Drift even will be happening on Friday, October 4 2013 at Kuwait International Fairgrounds from 3-5pm. via Red Bull and Grapevine Kuwait.

via 248am from the following link: http://248am.com/mark/funny/kuwait-is-bored/

“Weak monitoring of lapses in the labor market has resulted in a number of violations of the regulations of Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor and Kuwait Municipality by about 100,000 workers from almost 10,000 trading and industrial companies in Shuwaikh Industrial Area. According to an informed source, all these workers hold invalid visas because […]

One side of Kuwait’s Skyline. Taken from Gulf Road close to Carino’s Restaurant.

If you love Nutella and have 18kd to spare, why not purchase this monstrous 15KG jar of it? Found at Sultan Center Salmiya.